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Should you have an unplugged wedding ceremony? This black and white image is a “cell phone” image from our own wedding little over 2 yrs ago, one of my best friends captured it. Out of all images captured on our wedding day…..I’ll be completely honest… it’s one of my absolute favorites. The quality is crap! I could only have it printed in a 4×6 size or smaller and even then… it is horrible quality… grainy, out of focus, dark. BUT I love it, I cherish it, and I can’t imagine not having this image to look back on! You know why? Because this image is an absolute utter representation of who my husband and I are as a couple and completely shows our happiness and the friendship and love we have together. This man can bring out the laughter within me as no one else can. He was always able to do that since the day I met him 15 years ago! When I look at this photo… I see genuine laughter that I rarely show in any image. Had my best friend not captured this cell phone image, I wouldn’t have had it.

With that being said, this image was captured “after” the wedding ceremony.

As a professional, it doesn’t really bother me if guests have their cell phones out during weddings. As it’s a new world these days. Things have changed. And I embrace that.

However, it does break my heart for the couple when I see the “immediate” family… the ones most dear to their hearts especially the parents of the couple getting married with a phone plastered to their faces during the entire wedding “ceremony”. I have found that there is no way to be “completely present” and engaged in the wedding ceremony when you are focused on viewing the entire moment through an electronic device.

If there is one recommendation I could share is that for the “immediate family” especially parents to be there for your children. And allow the professionals of which you pay thousands of dollars to be there to do a job…. do their job. So you as parents can be completely “present” for your children on the most special days of their lives. And let the professionals document the moments for you to cherish “after the fact”.

It will be so much more meaningful and special for the newlywed couple to look back on their wedding ceremony photos and see candid photojournalistic images of their parents sitting in the front row in the moment with all the lovely expressions on their faces as they witness their children get married, then a photo of the parents with a phone up to their face.

I hope this wedding photography tip is helpful!

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