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I’m often asked by wedding clients how I feel about wedding videographers.  If it’s necessary investment, do they get in the way, etc etc.

I highly recommend a videographer.  I personally feel that a wedding videographer is just as important as a still photographer.  While you are most likely not going to look at your wedding video every single day,  it’s a wonderful heirloom to be able to look back on every so often, or for every anniversary. I truly believe that video and photography will mean different things to you at different stages in your life for different reasons.  And both are just as important.

While as a photographer I do my very best to capture all the of special moments as they unfold on a wedding day, I can’t record sound.  Yes it is true that a photograph speaks a thousand words, however you can’t hear those words.  And sometimes moments just need a voice.

Like this moment where the flower girl aka the brides niece was telling the bride how beautiful she’s going to look in her gown…

Bend Oregon Wedding Photographer Sunriver Wedding Photos

And this moment where the father see’s his daughter all dressed up as a bride for the first time…

Bend Oregon Wedding Photographer Sunriver Wedding Photos

Or how about this  moment when the clock strikes midnight at this  New Years Eve wedding!!!! You can only imagine the roar of excitement going on in that room!

Or this moment when two families come together…and the bride has a “first look” with her baby boys!

How about those insanely ridiculous awesome toasts that you will NOT want to ever forget.  Toasts are some of the most priceless moments of a wedding day. It’s one of the rare moments in life where people have a chance to really share their true feelings about you, and they are words that will mean so much to you! Our entire personal wedding video was completely curated from my oldest son’s toast.

 Or an intimate moment such as the father of the bride wiping the tears from his daughters eyes as he gives her away during the wedding ceremony?

Bend Oregon Wedding Photographer

For me personally, when I had gotten married almost 2 years ago… my kids were teenagers, I had one son leaving to go on his first deployment to Iraq with the Army, I had a father whom was very sick with cancer who almost didn’t even make it to the wedding at the time.  My best friend of 29 years married us.  My husband is from Europe and his entire family lives in Europe and couldn’t make it to the US for the wedding. So providing video for my husbands family was amazing!  I just felt like video was super important.  My videographer told a “story” way beyond just the wedding day. They told our family love story… it reflected what we had been through together and how everything came full circle for us.   Each and every moment in our video meant something  special to us.  We hired a great story teller.  I can’t imagine now, NOT having the video.  And we will  cherish it for the rest our life.

Video is priceless just as much as a photograph. Especially if it’s produced cinematically to tell a impactful story!  Your story!

My professional opinion is that it’s important to hire a videographer that works well with the still photographer… it’s a team effort to capture the wedding day. And hiring “like” minded businesses whom have the same artistic approach,  mutual respect  and shooting style provides for a wonderful experience and outcome.  Everyone gets the footage they need to provide an amazing product and over all experience.

If you need any referrals for a videographer I would be more then happy to help out with that!


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