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We first caught up with Whitney and Justus in Bend Oregon for their engagement photo shoot.wj4 Sticking to an urban style we shot around downtown and the Old Mill District. This past weekend, the summer solstice, Whitney and Justus tied the knot. At Aspen Lakes Golf Club in Sisters, Oregon their guests were treated to spectacular views of eight peaks of the Southern Cascades. It was a very special day in so many ways. This day was also Whitney’s parent’s 34th wedding anniversary. To commemorate this wonderful event Whitney made arrangements for them to have their first dance finally after all of these years. Whitney wore her mother’s wedding dress too with just a few minor changes it was completely new. A lovely event… enjoy a sneak peek!
The Couple’s Veil (white) has come to be a symbol of purity. It’s original meaning was the symbol of the presence of the Lord, as the cloud was a symbol of His presence. It is placed over the shoulders of the couple to symbolize their union and being “clothed as one” in unity.w53The cord symbolizes lifetime unity or the everlasting union of the bride and groom when they officially become husband and wife, as well as a symbol of marital protection; while the loops formed signifies their love for one another. W60W68W59w31The Wedding Coins provided to the bride from the groom have come to symbolize the couple’s commitment to mutually contributing to their relationship, their children, and their community.w52The Unity Sand Ceremony represents the unification of two distinct families, and the separate individuals of the bride and the groom, into a new, single, whole. The Unity Sands are used to symbolize an indivisible union because once merged, the separately colored grains of sand can never be separated.
W70W71w79qw90w100w101w104w99w122w123w102w121w120w115w118w113w114w116w111w105w110w112w300w301w305w303w306It was Whitney’s parents 34th wedding anniversary. And they didn’t get the opportunity to have a first dance at their own wedding. So Whitney dedicated a special dance just for her parents.w205w202w200w119w605w600w6045Like what you see? Please feel free to leave us a comment, we welcome your feedback and our clients love it too!

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