{Kasey + Chris} Engagement Session Canon Beach, OR | Portland, OR Wedding Photographer

In Cannon Beach Oregon the sea stacks, or hay stack rocks that adorn the shore lore many to this area all year long. Wide flat sandy beaches create enormous mirror reflections. The muted light created from the salted spray, that is torrential, the boundless horizon in every direction creates a vastness, a oneness, a togetherness for two loving souls. So it was to be as the sun got lost in the on shore flow, and the skies were a bit drippy. The rising tides meant fording a beach river, climbing the rocks, dodging the waves, down climbing our way back, the river was more deeper by now, all a part of this adventure with Kasey & Chris. There was never a quiver, though I mentioned the waiver, so much fun along the Oregon Coast for this engagement photography shoot.
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