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Along the Oregon coast, just off the beaten path, lies a spectacular beach in a little town called Pacific City. The peninsula that is named Cape Kiwanda and Haystack Rock nearby provide a stunning location and beautiful backdrops. This day was perfect, the weather was blissfully warm and sunny. This is where Christine and Allan chose to bring their families together to celebrate their wedding. The Pelican Pub anchors the beach and is an excellent perch to watch the surfers and dory’s bob in the waves as they make their way in and out of the ocean. A quick ceremony was followed by a wonderful dinner. The guests offered celebratory toasts full of humor and sincerity. Many laughs were shared around the room. As the magic hour approached we hiked up the dune to reach the top of Cape Kiwanda. A gorgeous portrait shoot with the bride and groom out on the rocks overlooking the Pacific ocean at sunset. The waves crashing against the rocks, the water surging up and dropping back down. You know how they say you should not turn your back to the ocean, well there is a very good reason. One wave just a little bigger than the rest turned this portrait session with the bride and groom into a “Trash the Dress” when that one special wave crashed up and over our couple. I was swept from my spot but held the camera high and dry as best as I could. Christine and Allan were all smiles, wet smiles. We had a great time with you in Pacific City thanks for having us along.
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Venue – Pelican Pub Pacific City, OR
DJ – Flip Flop Sounds

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