{FEATURED} Portland Bride and Groom Wedding Magazine | Oregon Wedding Photographer

The Portland Bride and Groom Magazine arrived today. As photographers, we look at pictures all of the time. Magazines are a great source of inspiration for our work. Over the years we have been lucky to see some of our own work printed on these very pages. But in this issue we discovered that three of Central Oregon’s leading wedding venues had purchased full page ads, featuring real weddings, we were honored to capture. In the years following the wedding the photographs will provide the memories. But on the day of the wedding it takes the efforts of a many to put the event together, and allow for all of the wonderful moments to occur. We would like to applaud all three phenomenal venues Sunriver Resort, Prong Horn Resort, and Brasada Ranch as well as all vendors and their staff for the great work that they do. We know the pictures would not be nearly as beautiful without everyone else caring to take the time to make every detail perfect.

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