{Lighting for your Wedding Reception} Things to consider! | Bend, OR Wedding Photographer

I’m often asked by many of my wedding clients how I feel about reception lighting, DJ lighting and if it affects my photography. My simple answer is I LOVE LIGHT any light, available light…… lots of lights! And this is a perfect example why… Check out this wedding reception I shot in Costa Rica. Lighting sets a mood for your evening. And also provides for interesting textures, patterns and glow. I shot this simply using the available light that only the DJ provided for this particular moment. I think the images speak for themselves. When you are shopping for DJ’s… I suggest you consider their lighting packages. It makes things interesting, fun and exciting. The lighting may not be for everyone… but for those that love color and want to set a different mood and tone to your reception…lighting is a great thing to consider just as much as the music! Your photos will pop with color and evoke great emotion. There are hundreds of different lighting set ups. And sometimes it’s great when these lights are just turned on later in the evening when everyone really starts shredding it on the dance floor!!!! If you would like some of our favorite DJ’s recommendations we would be happy to share!

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