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Family Portrait Shevlin Park | Bend, Oregon Portrait Photographer

What an adorable family… it’s been a while since I remember capturing twins. But it was a pleasure working with this lovely family and their three beautiful boys! I am paticularly fond of my warm black and white tones to these images as I feel it truly portrays the realism of family and gives a timeless feel.
They all had such different personalities and it was fun to watch them explore the park.
67646825DSC_6699DSC_68046689I love this image it makes me smile when I look at it, because it shows the reality of parenthood:)DSC_6842As well as this one! When I look at this image, it makes me think of all the many many slideshows we see presented at wedding receptions when we capture weddings…We see so many silly baby images of the bride and grooms! I think this image would be perfect to show some day in their very own slideshow at their own wedding! teehee…DSC_6735DSC_6749


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