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{Janel + Caleb} Engagement Session Sisters, OR | Bend, OR Wedding Photography

Evening light… golden light has always been my favorite time to capture a lovely bride and groom. However, I may have a new love… alpenglow!!! This super brave couple met us at 4:45am at the Sister’s Coffee House to make a trek up to one of our favorite locations within Central Oregon that offers spectacular views of The Three Sisters Mountains. It was a phenomenally beautiful sunrise, yet super brisk morning! With the light constantly changing…we could work with it differently at pretty much every angle which was super fun! We finished up the engagement photo shoot at Sister’s Coffee House, which was a very inviting warm up! We all had a lot of fun getting to know each other and capturing Janel and Caleb’s love story and we are even more excited for their wedding day at the beautiful Prong Horn Resort here in Central Oregon. Enjoy a sneak peek!!!20171012179715149678163251Like what you see? Please feel free to leave us comment, we welcome your feedback and our clients love it too!


{Kimberly Kay Photography Wedding Tips} Oregon Wedding Photographer

{For the Bride + Groom}
Preferred vendors
We have always believed that any referral is a direct reflection of ourselves. So we are selective in whom we will endorse for many reasons. We believe strongly in a high-end product, customer service, strong work ethic, as well as a product that works well with the service we are providing. We also believe strongly in the value of a referral. When ever we make any type of “big purchase” ourselves, the first thing we are interested in is a “strong referral”. We want all vendors that we refer to our clients to provide the same value of service and appreciation that we provide with our business. There is nothing worse then receiving a message from an unhappy bride or groom on a referral “we” have provided them. We not only feel horrible for our clients… but we take it personal, as we see it as a direct reflection on us as well. We also do not base our referrals on kick back commissions or personal friendships. We base our referrals simply on the over all product and experience that is being provided. Have we built some beautiful friendships with vendors over the years? Of course we have. In fact my fellow photography peer / real estate agent just helped us purchase a home… again “strong referral”. But, many of the vendors we refer, we do not even know on a personal level. What we do know is that they provide an INCREDIBLE service to our clients which is what is most important to us!!!! Often times our clients will book our photography service before they have even chosen their wedding planner or wedding venue. With that being said we find ourselves often times helping our clients with even finding that perfect venue for them. What a huge honor and we do not take it lightly. We are asked with almost each booking for help with vendor referrals. Especially since 90% of our clients do not live anywhere near us. Having been in the wedding industry for 13 yrs now, having a destination wedding ourselves in Hawaii and planning our own daughters wedding last September at Sunriver Resort we know all to well what the planning of a wedding is like. It was an eye opening experience for us on “personal level” in so many ways. So we get it completely!!! smile emoticon
Here is some of the factors we consider when referring wedding vendors:
1. Their over all professionalism
2. Getting back to our clients in a timely manner
3. Providing a high quality product or service
4. Are they able to keep to the schedule and timeline on the day of the event (this affects the photography schedule)
5. Treating us as vendors with the same level of respect so we are able to do our job to the best of our ability for our client
We believe all these qualities are huge when referring any wedding vendor! We are so lucky to work with some of the best of the best in the industry. We do provide a locals “preferred vendor list” in all of our welcome packets upon booking your event. However we also have an extended vendor referral list for the States of CA, WA, OR, HI of places we frequently work as well. If you need any recommendations please do not hesitate to contact us. All of the vendors of which we would endorse…. hands down we would or “have” hire them ourselves!


{For the Bride} Kimberly Kay Photography Wedding Tip of the Week | Oregon Wedding Photography

{For the Bride} Kimberly Kay Photography Wedding Tip
Getting ready photos: As a photographer whom is a lover of available light… I would love to encourage all of my brides to recommend that your makeup and hairstylist place you near a “window or door” during the getting ready process. Not only does this provide for lovely available light that helps the makeup artist provide the best possible makeup to match the light outside… But it also allows me the ability to create the most impactful and compelling imagery for such a special part of your wedding day. It’s “ALL ABOUT THE LIGHT”… beautiful, amazing incredible light…
Since I will arrive on your wedding day after the makeup artist typically arrives, I can’t move you or adjust the location once things are set. However for the most impactful imagery such as the image I posted below… window or door light is always amazing for the typical style of which I love to provide to my clients. Speaking with your hair and makeup artist regarding the window or door is super helpful for us as photographers. Hope this tip helps!DSC_2341


{Abby + Matt} Engagement Session Sauvie Island, OR | Portland, Oregon Wedding Photographer

Sauvie Island is the largest island along the Columbia river in Oregon, as a matter of fact it’s one of the largest river islands in the United States. It offers a simply breathtaking location for engagement photos… lots of beautiful farm land, meadows and old barns. The day could not have been more gorgeous and we had a great time capturing Abby and Matt’s engagement session. Enjoy a little sneak peek…a8648a1818081097780a03A28448Like what you see? Please feel free to leave us a comment, we welcome your feedback and our clients love it too!